Sydney, Australia. 1974. A group of outsiders form the high energy rock ’n’ roll band Radio Birdman, forever determined to keep compromise from their art. Inspired by Detroit-connected acts like MC5 and the Stooges – and led by Ann Arbor native Deniz Tek – the group was switched off, shut down and booted out of venue after venue while slowly accumulating a cult-like following of disaffected youth. “Descent into the Maelstrom” follows the band from formation to the present, showing what it meant to its fans – and how it changed Australia by inspiring a golden age of indie music. Featuring interviews with all surviving members and crammed with music and rare archival footage and photos, the film doesn’t shy away from the internal conflict that often fueled the band’s performances. North American premiere. Not rated; profanity and adult situations.
YEAR 2017
RUN TIME 110 minutes
PRODUCERS Jonathan Squiera, Mark Sequiera
Cinematograper Jake Lloyd-Jones