‘Freep Film Festival Shorts Program #2’

‘Freep Film Festival Shorts Program #2’

Screens at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, March 22, at Cinema Detroit. Tickets are $10.

Widely varied in subject but all revealing in their own ways, the following short documentaries comprise “Freep Film Festival Shorts Program #2”:

“Playing the Part”: Twenty years after its release, “Playing the Part” still captivates. The timeless coming-of-age story by filmmaker Mitch McCabe is thoughtful and funny with a good dose of angst. McCabe, a Grosse Pointe native, is also the subject of the film. The film follows her as she prepares to tell her parents that she’s gay. The 1995 short screened at Sundance Film Festival, New Directors/ New Films, and won an Academy Award in the Student category.

“Another World”: In the early 1980s, inside Jackson Prison’s restricted psychiatric ward, images of a fractured, graphic and surrealistic world emerged from canvases of inmate paintings. “Another World” is a unique glimpse behind the bars of what was then the largest walled prison in the world..

“Unexpected Harvest”: Did they see it or didn’t they? That’s the question a mother asks in this Macomb County-set short that recounts a tragic moment in 1994 when her two young boys, ages 2 and 4, might have witnessed a tree-service employee being pulled through the feed end of a tree harvester.

“Elvis Loses His Excess”: It starts in Michigan and ends in Alabama – the world’s longest yard sale. For four days in the summer along US Highway 127, filmmaker Riley Hooper discovered collections of oddities and treasures made more interesting by the characters selling and buying them. 19 minutes.

AFTER THE FILM: Directors of some of the shorts will be present to discuss their work.

Year: Varies.
Running time: Approximately 1 hour, 28 minutes.
Rating: Unrated; some serious and adult subject matter.
Directors: “Playing the Part,” Mitch McCabe; “Another World,” Rob DeMilner; “An Unexpected Harvest,” Michael Pfaendtner; “Elvis Loses His Excess,” Riley Hooper