Detroit’s streets are filled with stories that reflect the dynamic changes and numerous challenges affecting the city and its citizens.

“Hunger, Hope & Hot Chocolate: Life on Detroit’s East Side”: Every day before dawn, volunteers make lunch meat sandwiches while a chef prepares batches of warm soup, stew or chili to be served out of three trucks to some of Detroit’s poorest residents. Filmmaking Team: Mark Kurlyandchik, John Carlisle, Salwan Georges. 15 minutes.

“Hallow”: Family and friends of Damon Grimes push to transform a vacant field in Detroit into an ATV park as a tribute to Grimes, a 15-year-old African American who died in an ATV crash after being Tased in a chase with a Michigan State Police trooper who has since been charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the case. Directed by Ryan Clancy. 17 minutes.

“Fluid Frontiers”: Poems published by Detroit’s Broadside Press take center stage in Emphraim Asili’s latest, the fifth and final one in a series that explores the African diaspora. Shot in Detroit and Windsor, the film captures people reading poetry, unrehearsed, exploring the concepts of resistance and liberation. Directed by Emphraim Asili. 23 minutes.

“Bill’s Billiards”: On Third Street in the Cass Corridor, a group of old-timers have found camaraderie and a family in Detroit’s last pool hall. Directed by Benjamin Friedman. 3 minutes.

“Dinner with Ms. Chris”: East side Detroiter Christina Lumpkin makes dinner for her grandchildren and reflects upon the things for which she is grateful. Directed by Andrea Claire Morningstar. 4 minutes.

“Painting the Town”: Street art is transforming Detroit and creating pockets of vitality in neighborhoods throughout the city. Directed by William Higbie. 17 minutes.

“Community Patrol”: In an inspiring display of collective action, a Detroit minister rallies the community to shut down a drug house. Directed by Andrew James. 13 minutes.

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