‘Lean Mean & Green’

“Lean Mean & Green” screens at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 23 at the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Tickets are $10.

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After the film: A panel talk will be moderated by Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley and include director Carrie LeZotte; the Free Press’ John Gallagher, who is a co-producer; Riet Schumack, co-founder and program coordinator Neighbors Building Brightmoor; Kenneth Cockrel, Jr., executive director of Detroit Future City’s Implementation Office and Adam Hollier, vice president of Hantz Woodlands.

Title: “Lean, Mean & Green”
Year: 2013
Minutes: 52 Minutes
Director: Carrie LeZotte
Cinematographer: Lon Stratton
Editor: Diane Cheklich
Producer: Carrie LeZotte
Co-producer: John Gallagher
Executive producers: Carrie LeZotte and Ann Cuddohy Slawnik
Production company: One of Us Films
Not rated; suitable for all audiences
Website: http://www.oneofusfilms.org/

A response to documentary and news accounts of Detroit’s urban blight, “Lean, Mean & Green” focuses on positive projects in Detroit and other challenged urban communities that work with and repurpose the resources they have. The filmmakers visit with Detroit urban farmers, a resident-created park in Philadelphia, and a neighborhood watch group in Youngstown, Ohio that sent shady party stores packing. Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project is also prominently featured. The film also finds how Torino, Italy has transformed an industrial town into an art mecca and how the Ruhr Valley region in Germany uses once-abandoned factory buildings as part of its scenic landscape. The movie is based on “Reimagining Detroit,” a book by Detroit Free Press reporter John Gallagher, who is also one of the film’s producers.

About the director: Carrie LeZotte began writing, producing and directing while attending Dearborn High School and has never stopped. She made the 2009 documentary, “Regional Roots — The Birth and Evolution of Detroit and its People,” which covered 300 years of the city’s history. Her recent work includes early childhood PSAs for Detroit Public Television and Excellent News! for Excellent Schools Detroit.

A garden in the Brightmoor neighborhood in northwest Detroit is featured in "Lean, Mean & Green."

A garden in the Brightmoor neighborhood in northwest Detroit is featured in “Lean, Mean & Green.”