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Everyone has a story to tell, as evidenced by this group of shorts that explore interesting histories, complicated characters and life-changing events that define a person’s place in the world.

“The Likes and Dislikes of Marj Bagley”: Through innovative use of gorgeously detailed stop-motion animation, we learn the story of Marj, the matriarch of the Bagley clan, as she struggles to find happiness. Directed by Taylor Stanton. 14 minutes.

“Recording Detroit: The Ballad of Joe Von Battle”: Joe Von Battle was a self-made man who followed a well-trod path from the rural South to the urban North during the Great Migration. His Detroit record shop not only sold the sounds of the black South — blues and gospel — but recorded many of the recent arrivals all around him. Produced and edited by Charlotte Buchen. 8 minutes.

“Borders Crossed”: The immigrant Mohammad Hawle, who finds it hard to visit his home country physically, visits it in virtual reality with the help of his grandson. Directed by Firas Allouch. 6 minutes.

“Delphi: A Tale of Two Cities”: Two lives, two jobs and two cities irrevocably linked by the geography of global economics. Directed by Katie Falkenberg. 8 minutes.

“JessZilla”: At 10 years old, Jesselyn (JessZilla) Silva trains seriously with dreams of becoming a professional fighter. Directed by Emily Sheskin. 7 minutes.

“One Way”:Mojde and Yasser are an Iranian couple who came to Ann Arbor to study at Eastern Michigan and University of Michigan, respectively. In 2015, Mojde went to visit her family in Iran, and because of U.S. visa regulations for Iranian students, she hasn’t been able to return. Directed by Parisa Ghaderi. 21 minutes.

“Share the Same Madness”: Raised Orthodox Catholic and home-schooled from birth, Dennis Hudson has high-functioning autism, lives in his parents’ impoverished home in Detroit alongside 11 of his siblings. At a young age, Dennis found that electronic music allowed him to transcend his isolation and find the community he needed to survive. Directed by Tim Richardson. 19 minutes.

Part of the Short’s on Short Films series Presented by Short’s Brewing Company.

Total running time: 1 hour, 23 minutes.

1:15 p.m. Sat., April 14, Cinema Detroit

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