About the film

In the Starz documentary series “America To Me,” Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Steve James (“Hoop Dreams,” “Life Itself”) examines racial, economic and class issues in contemporary American education. The two episodes presented from the highly acclaimed 2018 series are part of a look into an academic year at suburban Chicago’s Oak Park and River Forest High School, where students, teachers and administrators from one of America’s best-performing, most progressive and most diverse public schools contend with racial and educational disparities spanning generations.


Noon Sat., April 13
Patriot Theater
at the War Memorial

Film credits

Year: 2018 
Run time: 2 hours 
Directors: Steve James, Bing Liu, Rebecca Parrish, Kevin Shaw 
Producers: John Condne, Steve James, Justine Nagan, Gordon Quinn, Risé Sanders-Weir, Jeff Skoll, Janea Smith, Stephanie Rae Smith, Betsy Steinberg, Diane Weyermann 
Editors: Rubin Daniels Jr., Steve James, Alanna Schmelter, Leslie Simmer, David E. Simpson 
Cinematography: Steve James, Bing Liu, Rebecca Parrish, Kevin Shaw