06 Jan ‘The Blood is at the Doorstep’

In 2014 an unarmed black male named Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed in Milwaukee by a police officer, who fired 14 times. "The Blood is at the Doorstep" profiles Hamilton's family in the wake of their loss and documents their fight for justice. As we witness the forced transformation of ordinary people into tireless activists, the stakes of Black Lives Matter and the national dialogue on racial violence shift from the personal to the historic and back again, revealing the inner workings of a movement and the sense of duty that arises from victimhood. Michigan Premiere.

After the film: Free Press Investigative reporter Gina Kaufman interviews Nate Hamilton and his mother Maria Hamilton, who are featured in the film.

6 p.m. Thu., April 12, Emagine Royal Oak

YEAR 2017
RUN TIME 98 minutes
Directed by Erik Ljung