26 Jan ‘Connections and Identity: Shorts Program #4’

RUN TIME 78 minutes

A selection of documentary shorts focused on people searching for personal connections and self-identity. Titles include:

“Palisades”: John met Julie in Palisades Park, Michigan. After seeing her reaction to a personal loss, he realized he loved her.

“Off Season”: Detroit Tiger pitcher Daniel Norris spends the off season with Shaggy, his 1978 VW van. The film is directed by Michigan native Ben Moon.

“Another Ride”: Iustin Stafie, a 24- year-old car collector, and his 82-year-old grandfather take their 43-year-old Romanian made Dacia 1300 to a retro car parade instead of the scrapyard, where most old cars of its kind go to die.

“Hijabi World”: In a time of escalating Islamophobia, a group of young women are pushing back, demanding that we look past their head coverings to understand who they really are.

“A Continuing Series of Small Indignities”: 59-year-old Rodney Harris recounts his personal history dealing with a lifetime of racism. The film is directed by Michigan filmmaker Michael Pfaendtner, co-director of the “The Goat Yard,” which premiered at the 2016 Freep Film Festival.

“Denali”: Michigan native Ben Moon and his dog, Denali, have shared plenty of good times, but the short film looks at Ben’s battle with cancer, a dog’s unwavering loyalty and a final goodbye to man’s best friend.