About the film

With a new baseball season looming, thoughts inevitably turn back to 1984, when the Detroit Tigers brought the World Series championship back to Detroit for the first time in 16 years. April and May marks 35 years since the team’s famed 35-5 start, a mark unequaled in baseball annals. “Detroit Tigers: The Roar of ‘84” features 13 members of the ’84 Tigers, along with noteworthy local and national personalities and rival players from the era. Narrated by Smokey Robinson, the film goes beyond the year 1984, and touches on the entire rich baseball history in Detroit, from 1901 to today, with venerable Tiger Stadium being the centerpiece for so much of it, including the captivating, glorious ’84 season. World premiere.


6 p.m. Thu., April 11
Beacon Park

1 p.m. Sat., April 13
Detroit Film Theatre at the DIA

Film credits

Year: 2019 
Run time: 50 minutes 
Director: Larry Lancaster 
Producers: Jeff Byle, Brady Clyma 
Cinematographers: Kevin Guralewski, Paul Schoenberger 
Editors: Michael Porter, Jim Mitchell, Maurice Hyett, Steve Gregan, Tim Counihan