17 Jan ‘Filmworker’ and ‘The Shining’ (DOUBLE FEATURE)

This Redford Theatre double feature pairs a documentary about a longtime assistant of legendary director Stanley Kubrick with one of the director’s greatest works: “The Shining.”

In "Filmworker," longtime Kubrick aid Leon Vitali provides a unique view into the director's world through the lens of their intimate, multi-decade working relationship. The pair first met when Vitali was cast in the 1975 period piece “Barry Lyndon.” Mesmerized by the master's craft, he decided to give up his burgeoning career as a thespian to become Kubrick's all-purpose personal aide-de-camp. The relationship lasted until the end of Kubrick's life – and without recognition for Vitali for years afterward.

Among Vitali’s notable contributions to the Kubrick legacy was helping cast the role of troubled child Danny Torrance in “The Shining,” the claustrophobic horror masterpiece starring Jack Nicholson. 'Filmworker': Michigan Premiere.

7 p.m. Fri., April 13, the Redford Theatre

YEAR 2017
RUN TIME 94 minutes
'The Shining'
YEAR 1980
RUN TIME 146 minutes
DIRECTED BY Stanley Kubrick