26 Jan ‘Finally Got the News’

YEAR 1970
RUN TIME 55 minutes
DIRECTORS Stewart Bird, Rene Lichtman and Peter Gessner

Made in 1970, the archival documentary “Finally Got the News” is a forceful look into the activities of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers inside and outside the auto factories of Detroit. Through interviews with members of the movement, footage shot in the auto plants, and footage of leafleting and picketing actions, the film documents their efforts to build an independent black labor organization that, unlike the UAW, will respond to worker’s problems, such as the assembly line speed-up and inadequate wages faced by both black and white workers in the industry. It also focuses on the crucial role played by the black worker in the American economy, the educational tracking system for both white and black youth, the role of African American women in the labor force, and relations between white and black workers.