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Detroit’s Cass Corridor, one of the roughest areas in the city for the past 100 years, is experiencing a complete overhaul, as long-awaited development finally sweeps the area. Long known as a center of drugs and prostitution, and also once home to a thriving Chinese enclave, it’s now peppered with boutique shops, new bars and restaurants and the just-debuted Little Caesars Arena. This feature from noted Detroit artist Nicole Macdonald mixes a personal, journalistic and historic approach as it looks at who and what remains in the Corridor. We hear how residents survived, and how they sometimes didn’t, as gentrification redefines the space. World premiere. Unrated; profanity, adult situations and themes, including drug use.

After the films: On Friday, journalist and author Amy Haimerl talks to director Nicole Macdonald; George McMahon and Darolyn Brown, who are in the film; and Dave Kwiatowski, Partner, Detroit Optimist Society, which owns the Peterboro in the Cass Corridor. On Saturday, Free Press staff writer Allie Gross talks to director Nicole Macdonald and cinematographer Joan Mandell.

6 p.m. Fri., April 13, Cinema Detroit
8 p.m. Sat., April 14, Community Arts Auditorium, Wayne State University

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YEAR 2017
RUN TIME 60 minutes
Written and Directed by Nicole Macdonald
Cinematographers Nicole Macdonald, Joan Mandell, Joel Silvers, Katie Barkel, Daniel Cylkowski
Picture editor Nicole Macdonald
Sound editor Clint Stuart
Composer Colin Zyskowski