About the program

A hodgepodge of the city’s residents seize on the arts and occupations that give them life. 

“Little Julio”: A Detroit boxing coach challenges his young students to draw strength and discipline from their training. Directed by Elysia Vandenbussche. 6 minutes. 

“Con Security”: At Youmacon, Detroit’s signature anime convention, security comes in the form of a kung-fu justice squad. Directed by Steven Oliver. 35 minutes. 

“Tee Grizzley — Off Parole”: Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley balances a skyrocketing career with legal restrictions on his movement and schedule. Directed by Nick Margetic and Everett Stewart. 15 minutes. 

“Soul Skate”: Every year roller skaters from around the world descend on Detroit for Soul Skate weekend, showing off styles from their own hometowns and reconnecting with their greater skating family. Directed by Ramone Anderson. 16 minutes. 

“Finding Happiness Detroit”: Three Detroiters defy a study denouncing Detroit as the unhappiest city in America by expressing what brings them joy. Directed by Kim Stricker and Michael Pfaendtner. 5 minutes. 

“Bless You, Boys”: Freep videographer Brian Kaufman digs into the paper’s archives to rediscover one of the most glorious moments in the city’s sports history through the eyes of reporter Bill McGraw and photographer Mary Schroeder, who covered the Tigers’ most recent World Series championship. 12 minutes. 

Total run time: 1 hour, 29 minutes 


5p.m. Sat., April 13
Cinema Detroit

Noon Sun., April 14
Community Arts Auditorium,
Wayne State University