28 Jan ‘The Price of Everything’

With unprecedented access to pivotal artists (including Jeff Koons, Larry Poons and Marilyn Minter) and the white-hot market surrounding them, “The Price of Everything” dives deep into the contemporary art world to provide an inside look at how big money can drive the art world – and how the art world can drive big money. The film holds a mirror up to our values and our times — where everything can be bought and sold. In a review that accompanied the film’s premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, art website Hyperallergic called it “a great peek into how the gamblers operate.”

11 a.m. Sun., April 15, Detroit Film Theatre at the DIA

After the film: Free Press editor Nicole Avery talks to director Nathaniel Kahn; Asia Hamilton, founder and owner of Norwest Gallery of Art; visual artist Nic Notion; Jeffrey Abt, professor in the Duffy Department of Art and Art History at Wayne State University; and David Klein, owner of David Klein Gallery.

YEAR 2018
RUN TIME 105 minutes
Directed by Nathaniel Kahn