About this program

This series of shorts led by award-winning filmmaker, writer and Detroit native dream hampton explores the physical and human impact of flooding caused by climate change in Detroit and beyond. 

AFTER THE FILM: This post-film conversation will be led by Orlando Bailey of BridgeDetroit and include members of the filmmaking team and community members discussing water issues and flooding in Detroit.

The program features the following short films:


Three filmmakers uplift the voices of residents in Detroit, Milwaukee and Cleveland and illuminate their journeys as they navigate flooding homes and racialized infrastructure. Swollen opens the conversation of climate change to people of color, living along the Great Lakes, as they reckon with the loss of property and collectively organize to exercise control over their flooding neighborhoods. The stories shared in this three-part series deliver a fuller picture of the relationship between race and climate change and raise crucial questions related to what is to be expected with the coming floods. Directed by Desmond Love (Detroit); Christopher Webb (Cleveland); and Melanie Ariens and Joel Peregrine (Milwaukee).


Freshwater is a short film by dream hampton about her disappearing Black city, flooded basements and the fluid nature of memory.


4:30 p.m. Sat., April 30, Michigan Science Center (Toyota Engineering)

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