About this program

This program pairs two Motor City-made films that sidestep a purist documentary approach, instead employing narrative devices to tell true Detroit stories. The movies will be followed by a discussion about using methods traditionally associated with fiction to seek greater truths through cinema.

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After the films

Rob St. Mary, Detroit radio journalist and author, talks with Andrew Colom, writer and executive producer of “One Sweet Night,” and Zachary Cunningham, director and writer of “Right On.”
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Sept. 24, 2021
4:00 p.m.

Sept. 22-29, 2021


‘One Sweet Night’ 

On a hot summer night in 1920s Detroit, African-American couple Dr. Ossian Sweet and his wife Gladys are spending their second night in a new home they have purchased on an all-white street. “One Sweet Night” reveals the internal tension of the situation as they face racial violence while trapped inside a house that is their only protection.

Film Credits: Director: Daniel Pfeffer, Writer: Andrew Colom, Producers: David Alade, Tinisha Brugnone, Andrew Colom , Cinematographer: Jeremy Brockman, Editor: Lily Kleinman, Cast: Includes J.D. Williams, Daniel Jeffries, Bart Sumner, Tanya Everett, Year: 2019, Running time: 18 minutes 

‘Right On’ 

Set in Detroit during 1968, an aspiring writer looks to change the narrative of the ’67 rebellion with his words. Everything is going according to plan until he and his family hear on the radio that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been shot.

Film Credits: Director: Zachary Cunningham, Editor: Zachary Cunningham, Cinematographer: Jeremy Brockman, Composer: Matthew Crouch, Producers: Eden Sabolboro, Zachary Cunningham, Year: 2019, Running time: 13 minutes