About this program

A collection of short films that align with the mission of the SFA, which explores the diverse food cultures of the changing American South.  

This shorts program is being presented as part of the “4 Nights. 4 Films. 4 Chefs” series in partnership with Frame in Hazel Park. The screening will be paired with a dinner by the chefs of Taste the Diaspora Detroit, whose menu will include pickled shrimp, fried okra, red beet grits and more.  

Full menu and more details at https://www.framehazelpark.com.

The program features the following short films:

‘Getting Down to the Root’

Working in Atlanta, Jackson, Miss., and beyond, Dara Cooper has long advocated for racial justice through equitable food systems. Directed by Jasmine Williams. 

‘Sky and Water’ 

Meet Georgia oyster farmer Earnest McIntosh, Sr., winner of SFA’s 2021 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award, which honors an unsung hero in keeping food traditions alive. Directed by Joe York.

‘Seed Savers’ 

Thanks to the tireless seed preservation efforts of Ira Wallace, the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers over 700 seed types, specializing in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties. Directed by Ava Lowrey.

‘We Travel’ 

This personal essay-style film explores the people and the food of the South past and present and future and is based on writing by Brian Foster. Produced by Ethan Payne with Brian Foster.

‘Smokes and Ears’ 

See the story of the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Miss. Known as Big John’s by its faithful customers, the Big Apple Inn’s defining duo of pig ear sandwiches and hot smoked sausage sandwiches (known as “smokes”) has kept folks coming back again and again for more than 70 years. Directed by Joe York.


Running time:
Approximately 60 minutes

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