A selection of documentary shorts on the theme of locations, including a look at Rabbit Island in the Keweenaw Bay of Lake Superior. Selections include:

“Rabbit Island”: Nestled in the Keweenaw Baw of Lake Superior sits Rabbit Island: 91 acres of rocks, earth, trees and wild habitat. This film is a brief study of an island located in majestic Lake Superior, and the artists who gather there for inspiration.

“Being Hear”: Head into the forest with Emmy-Award winning nature sound recordist and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton, who works to protect the few remaining quiet places on Earth from noise pollution. “Being Hear” highlights his quest to preserve silence and the importance of listening to the world around us.

“Shipping Home”: One year, $100,000 – and a dream to build a home out of a shipping container. The film was co-directed by Calvin College associate professor Samuel Smartt.

“Great Lakes, Bad Lines”: Enbridge Line 5, a Canadian-owned oil pipeline that stretches across more than 500 miles and through Michigan’s Great Lakes is 60 years old. Experts say it needs repair to avoid a potential environmental catastrophe.

“Paulding Light”: For half a century, the legend of the Paulding Light – a mysterious glow that appears in the woods in the Upper Peninsula – beckons curiosity seekers, believers and skeptics to the tiny town of Paulding.

RUN TIME 70 minutes