About the film

It takes a brazen personality to excel in the high-stress, hypercompetitive world of professional cooking — a male-dominated industry whose glass ceiling is famously impenetrable. But now with an influx of women at the helm of restaurants, and a younger generation unwilling to submit to the brutal conditions once considered the norm, the rules of “kitchen culture” as we know it are being rewritten. “The Heat” takes viewers behind the scenes to meet seven women chefs at the forefront of a revolution slowly reshaping the restaurant business, including stars such as Anne Sophie Pic, Angela Hartnett and Anita Lo. Metro Detroit premiere.


5 p.m. Thu., April 11
Emagine Royal Oak

Noon Sun., April 14
Beacon Park

Tickets to “The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution” that include a four-course brunch prepared by some of metro Detroit’s top female chefs at the adjacent Lumen restaurant are also available. More details here.

Film credits

Year: 2018
Run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Director: Maya Gallus
Producers: Maya Gallus, Howard Fraiberg
Writer: Maya Gallus
Cinematographer: John Minh Tran
Editor: Dave Kazala
Composer: Keir Brownstone