About this film

Elmore Leonard, author of more than 40 novels, is renowned in the literary community. From his westerns and early novels of crime based in his hometown of Detroit and South Florida, right through his complex and virtually plotless later work, Elmore Leonard dissected an America whose founding sins have continued to haunt it. The documentary “ELMORE LEONARD: ‘But Don’t Try to Write’ ” explores the author’s legacy and his influence on generations of writers. The documentary features exclusive images and previously unseen home movie footage, family photographs, and in-depth interviews with both literary experts and those who knew him well, including colleagues, family, and childhood friends.

AFTER THE FILM: M.L. Elrick, the Free Press’ “On Guard” columnist, talks with John Mulholland, the film’s writer and director, Richard Zampella, the film’s editor and producer, and Peter Leonard, novelist and son of Elmore Leonard.


3 p.m. Sat., April 29, Michigan Science Center (IMAX)


John Mulholland


Running time:
1 hour 35 minutes