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Nothing symbolizes ‘making it in America’ quite like owning a home. Yet today, the racial gap in home ownership is widening, and those most impacted are women of color. Set in Detroit, “Locked Out” takes us into the lives of courageous Black women who face evictions, predatory lenders and traditional banking, as they become ground fighters in a movement to battle modern-day redlining and housing injustice. Traditional mortgages can be out of reach for many, which gives predatory lenders with little government oversight opportunities to create contracts designed to fail. “Locked Out” follows inspiring Black female grassroots activists who fight for justice and equal access to the American Dream. World premiere.

AFTER THE FILM: Nushrat Rahman, Free Press economic mobility reporter, talks with directors Kate Davis and Luchina Fisher, and Soummer Crawford and Lysa Davis, who are featured in the documentary.


7 p.m. Sat., April 29, Michigan Science Center (Toyota Engineering)


Kate Davis and Luchina Fisher

Rupert Maconick, Chris Buzzini, Slava Basovich, Peter Hootman, Steve Cook, Michelle Tranvinski


Running time:
1 hour 17 minutes

Country of origin:
United States

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