About this program

They work with wood, with paint, with their imaginations. Whatever the approach, the unforgettable personalities featured in these six short documentaries make indelible impacts on the world by following their own paths – and their own creative instincts.

AFTER THE FILMS: Steve Byrne, Freep Film Festival cofounder and 2023 shorts programmer, talks with the directors.

The program features the following short films:

Out of the Woodwork

‘Out of the Woodwork’

In northern Michigan, sawyer Dan Baker is obsessed with wood and the state’s forests. But his preoccupation comes with a cost. Directed by Brody Kuhar. (2022)

Senghor Reid paints at his studio

‘Senghor Reid: Make Way for Tomorrow’

Discover the evocatively colored and boldly themed work of Detroit visual artist Senghor Reid. Here he reflects on family, the calming power of water and the inspiration provided by his hometown. Directed by Detroiters Eden Sabolboro and Desmond Love. (2023)

Really Good Friends

‘Really Good Friends’

In a hotel room, a woman shares a surprising and provocative story of longing and unlikely connection. Directed by Detroiter and U-M Dearborn assistant professor Adam Sekuler. (2022)

In Bloom

‘In Bloom’

An intimate depiction of two women who lean into custom woodworking as means of artistic expression and building a life together in their Indiana community. Directed by Detroiter Ashley Davidson. (2022)

Daron, Daron Colbert

‘Daron, Daron Colbert’

While navigating a hardscrabble existence in the oft-neglected southwest Detroit neighborhood of Delray, aspiring actor Daron Colbert unspools stories of his past through audition tapes. But what’s true, and what isn’t? Directed by Detroiter Kevin Steen. (2022)

Sydney G. James

‘Sydney G. James: How We See Us’

This revealing portrait of the acclaimed Detroit muralist delves deeply into her art – and her mission of uplifting Black women and Black people in general by emblazoning the walls of the city. Directed by Detroiter and Wayne State faculty member Juanita Anderson. (2023)


2 p.m. Sat., April 29, Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts